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Why is creating wedding websites for
couples so important?

We've created these wedding websites for couples who want to maximize their time while planning for their special day.

Sharing Wedding Details

Generally, wedding invitations come out two to three months before the big day. During busy times of the year, especially the summer, people need a little bit more time to plan. By including the wedding website address on the save-the-dates, you're letting guests know about the details of the wedding. They can check out the ceremony time, reception time and location of any other events. All of your guests are then able to plan accordingly.

Accommodating Out-of-Towners

With more and more couples choosing to have destination or mini-destination weddings, a lot of guests are coming from another town, state or even country. Wedding websites for couples provide them with so much crucial information. You've likely arranged, or will arrange, a hotel block for your guests, and the site can include the necessary information. Furthermore, you can provide colorful pictures and vivid descriptions of attractions and restaurants they can visit during their stay in town.

RSVP Details Made Easy

Some couples decide to have their RSVP information on the Internet, and guests simply need to click a button to respond to the wedding. Not only is this a simple method for collecting RSVPs, but it is also environmentally friendly. Individuals need not send an envelope back through the mail and waste the stamp. However, if you decide to go with this format, include a traditional option for people who do not use the Internet. You can also ask guests to choose their meal and even request their favorite songs to be played through your website.

Honoring Special People

On many wedding websites, you'll find a list of the bridal party members and any other special people involved with the wedding. This is your chance to give them some recognition. Before you post personal information or photographs of bridal party members, you should ask for the permission of your family members and friends. The Maid of Honor may not want to have her picture from that one night in Vegas posted to the site.

Wedding websites for couples serve so many purposes. Not only does it make connecting with guests and conveying necessary information a breeze, you also have the opportunity to craft a beautiful site that is an expression of you and your fiancé as a couple. Don't miss out and set one up today!

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