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Frequently Asked Questions

I'm not a web designer, can I really do this?
Absolutely, we have developed specifically to be fun and easy to use. The drop and drag technology makes personalizing your wedding website a breeze. If you know how to browse the Internet, you'll easily be able design your wedding site and share it with your friends and family.Back To Top

How does it work?
Its easy... just get started with the 2-week trial, create your website and test drive all the features to decide if you want to upgrade to a premium package or keep it as a basic website. There is absolutely no risk, no obligation and no credit cards required to get started!Back To Top

What will my wedding website address be?
You will be able to choose the name; every website comes with a unique web address such as: To Top

How long will it take before my site is active?
Using our intuitive design tools you will be able to customize and activate your site within minutes.Back To Top

Can I make any changes to my site once it is up and running?
Yes, you can make any changes to your site that you would like at any time; including the color scheme, text, photos, or anything else that you may want to edit.Back To Top

Is the photo gallery unlimited?
Yes. You can add multiple photo galleries with no limit to the amount of photos you can upload with our premium package.Back To Top

Is my personal information safe?
Absolutely! All personal information that you give us is strictly confidential. We do not sell any e-mail addresses or other information to third parties as some of our competitors do.Back To Top

Can I add password protection to my site?
Yes, password protection is available on our premium packages.Back To Top

How much does it cost to get started?
Our basic trial package is just $1 for the first 2 weeks! If you decide not to upgrade to our premium package, you can keep your website at a basic status level with limited functionality at absolutely no cost or obligation.Back To Top

How do I upgrade?
You can upgrade at any time via the control panel when you log into your account.Back To Top

Will there be any advertising on my website?
No. Your personal wedding web site will not have any advertisements of any kind. You will have complete control over all of the content on your site.Back To Top

Why choose us?
Our packages are unparalleled in the business simply because as we offer better features than any of our competitors. Our premium services include, flash intros, message boards, background music, video clips, unlimited web pages, unlimited, photos, comprehensive planning tools and extensive customization and every wedding feature you could ever need.Back To Top

I have more questions - who can I contact?
Feel free to contact us by clicking here with any further questions you may have.Back To Top

Can I use my own domain name, like
Absolutely! If you already have an Internet domain name, you can point it to your Join The Wedding site for free! Just enter your domain name into your wedding website control panel, and contact your domain name registrar to configure your domain name.

If you'd like to set it up yourself, you can point your domain's "A" record to our servers at Here are some helpful pages for the most popular domain name registrars:

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