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Planning your wedding
has never been easier!

Plan and organize all your wedding events such as wedding showers, engagement parties, rehearsal dinners, dress fitting and any other event.

  • My Wedding Blog

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    Cherish every moment as you count down the wonderful journey leading up to your special day by having your own personal wedding blog. Keep your visitors and guests updated on what's going on and exactly what's on your mind by keeping on online journal... share the moment!
  • My Wedding Vendors

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    Maintain a list of all of your vendor contacts, such as your caterer, florist, DJ, photographer, hotel, wedding venues, etc. In addition, you'll be able categorize each vendor and view important information such as costs, delivery times, availability etc. You'll also find our "Find Vendor" function useful when researching for vendors. Simply choose a wedding category, type a zip code and hit search; we provide you with a list of qualified vendors in your area.
  • My Gift Registries

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    Keep an online list of your gift registries, easily add or delete registries. This is a great online feature that makes gift purchasing fun and easy for you and your guests.
  • My Seating Chart

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    This is a useful tool which allows you to plan the seating based on your guest lists and attendees. Your guests are automatically connected to your seating chart so there is no need for manual additions or deletions-it is all done on the fly! Set up your floor plan based on the room size and design the tables and seating to your personal preferences. In addition, you can print the seating chart and even export as an excel file for further possible modifications.
  • My RSVP Manager

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    Organize a list of who is attending for the various events that you set up using the "My Events" planning tool. This RSVP list is automatically compiled and works in conjunction with your seating chart.
  • My Wedding Calendar

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    Keeping on schedule is critical when it comes to planning your wedding. "My calendar" comes with a comprehensive "to-do" wedding checklist that you can personalize six to twelve months prior to your wedding day. View your agenda online or print it out your tasks for the day, week and/or month. You can even set reminders for any items to help keep you on track.

Additional features available:

You'll have complete access to useful wedding planning tools that help you stay organized and keep track of vendors, budgets and deadlines. Everything you'll need is included and organized in one convenient central location- wedding checklists, wedding calendars, guest lists, gift registries and budget sheets just to name a few.

  • My Wedding

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    Keep track of all your wedding expenses with our powerful online budget tool. Our wedding budgeter makes it easy to stay on budget as it comes with a complete list of your typical wedding expenses that you can easily modify (add or delete expenses).
  • My Wedding

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    Plan all your wedding events and organize your lists in one central location that allows you to segment each event and/or list with important details such as food and beverages for your engagement party, rehearsal dinner, reception, etc... monitor any event you wish! Events are conveniently connected to your calendars and you can even set reminders for yourself so you don't forget anything.
  • My Wedding
    Guest List

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    Keep updated and organized lists of all your guests including your wedding party. Track details such as their contact information, who is attending, meal preferences and who is still pending. Also, manage your guest list for sending email notifications, or print out your guest's addresses for mailing printed wedding invites easily.
  • My Polls &

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    Set up online surveys and quizzes to help you with any research that may help you with your event planning. For example, ask your visitors if you should have a theme wedding? Should you wear a traditional white dress? How many guests would attend a destination wedding to Tibet? This feature can also just be used for fun facts to entertain your visitors.
  • My E-Mail

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    Easily compile names from your guest list and/or vendor list as a group or individually and send out emails, notifications and/or invitations to visit your own personal website that you created.

Keep all the details of your special day organized using one easy to use personalized site.
Planning, notifying and sharing made simple.

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